Rob Mould-


Rob Mould    I can remember as a child, on vacations that my Dad would always have a camera taking photos of everything we did.   My Mom to this day has boxes and boxes of photographs of my sister and I in the ocean, on national landmark signs, and amusement park rides.  I still own that same Nikon EM camera he used.  It's a lot of fun to load in a roll of film and take it out shooting.   

   I've always had a passion for photography.   Whether it be weddings, portraits, or landscapes.  I love making images of just about anything. When we moved to Nashville in 2012, it sparked a renewed sense of creativity that I am really excited about.  I consider myself a traditional photographer with a photojournalistic approach.  Some times you have to take over and give people a push in the right direction.   

    I am married to the love of my life Sara, and she has been very supportive in everything I have ever done. When I decided it was time to go at this full-time, she was all in. I don't think I could ever thank her enough for the support she has given me in starting my own business. We have been married for the last 17 years and have 2 crazy dogs that make our lives complete. Kaiser (Weimaraner) and Cody (Shih-Tzu) are our two nutty kids that run the house. I don't think you could ever find two dogs that have it as good as these two.